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Calamaio Video Streaming Server  v.1.0

Calamaio is a video streaming server to watch video streams in real time through internet connection, can stream JPEG or MJPEG, it works with multi-plexed cards too, like some cards based on conexant fusion 878a.

ItvOS - Video & Streaming Framework/CMS  v.1.0

With itvOS (PHP-based, OpenSource, Internet TV Video/Streaming framework/template/CMS), you can start your own Internet TV/video website or app (or add a TV section to your current site) for free.

Audio Video Streaming Proxy  v.1.0

Audio Video Streaming Proxy is a multiplexing proxy server that handles multiple requests for identical stream by diverting a properly formatted version of an already established live stream to each individual requester.

BroadCam Streaming Video Ser  v.ver 2.02

BroadCam is a free video streaming server allowing you to broadcast or serve live and pre-recorded video over the Internet. Your viewers can watch your live video feed through their default media player on any computer. BroadCam handles the audio and

Gstd: Streaming audio-video server  v.1.0

Gstd is a GStreamer framework controlling audio and video streaming using D-Bus messages. Qt applications, web interfaces, and GStreamer element test suite show different ways the framework can be utilized.

BIGSPEED Video Compression SDK  v.1.0

video capture, video compression

Veillo streaming server  v.1.0

Veillo is a video streaming server for several clients. It contains a powerfull statistics and logging tool that uses a DataBase. It's can use a video streams from webcams and other video streams sources.

Air Playit Server  v.1.5

Air Playit - streaming video audio on computer to iPhone, iPad, iPod for free

Stream Torrent  v.1.0 Build 0078

Stream Torrent brings the best of internet video streaming and P2P technology together; it's a free app lets you both watch and broadcast live video on the web. Like other similar tools, Stream Torrent makes use of the P2P protocol to broadcast

Ezserver  v.

Ezserver is an ALL-IN-ONE server solution designed for web and video server functions. It supports HTTP, RTSP/RTP and IGMP protocol for video streaming and download. It also supports player management and group management by web-based interface.

SasCam Webcam Server  v.2.6.5

SasCam Webcam Server allows you to capture video streaming from internet homepage or your computer.And you can view the video in the web browser.Make the high quality video and frame

Flippatix  v.0.1alpha1

flippatix is as a LiveCd distribution project. Mainly based on Debian Gnu/Linux, our goal is to provide people with an easy-to use environment for audio and video streaming. Flippatix is under active development made by some Italian CS

Libsrtp  v.1.4.4

libsrtp is a library implementing Secure RTP, the Secure Real-time Transport Protocol. RTP is used for Voice over IP (VoIP) as well as audio and video streaming; SRTP adds confidentialtiy and

TimeDoctor  v.1.4.2

TimeDoctor is a tool to visualize execution traces of tasks, queues, cache behavior, etc. While originally targeting embedded media processors and includes specific features for analyzing audio/video streaming applications it has wider

OxyMedia  v.1.0

OxyMedia combines several well established open source projects to create a drop in content protection system for flash video streaming.

Guarder  v.1.0

ipc guader is an embeded software system for IP Camera which provides the whole function of IPC like audio/video streaming server, alarm process, PTZ control, local/remote storage, two-way voice, DDNS, P2P service. Funcitions ...

Vlcweb  v.1.0

Sistema de video streaming basado en el VLC (VideoLan Client), FLVtool, ffmeg, etc. para la emisin, publicacin, retransmisin y grabacin de video en vivo y/o en tiempo diferido.

Must  v.1.0

must (MU-lticast ST-reaming) is a real time video streaming software. It relies on hierarchical video encoding over auto-adaptive rate multicast communications.

PySpykeeWeb  v.b

pySpykeeWeb is a simple web server written in Python for controlling a Spykee robot. Currently the program supports robot movement, dock, undock, battery level reporting commands, and video streaming.

Wi-Fi controled RC Car  v.1.0

Software for IT project.Client and server software to control RC car with video streaming over Wi-Fi network

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